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"But wait, there's even" is a party game reboot, created by Toy Vault.


Have you ever wanted a sleeping bag that promotes spine alignment, or a baby stroller, that comes with a turbo boost? In But Wait, There's Even More!, players pitch wacky products to each other for fun and profit.

But Wait, There's, Even More, is the follow-on game to But Wait, There's More. But Wait, There's, Even More, can be combined with the original game, or it can be played on its own!

At the start of the game, each player receives three "Feature" cards. Each round starts with one Product card being revealed from the deck, e.g., Fork. Each player, in turn, has thirty seconds to play one of their Feature cards – say, "Voice Activated" – and pitch their own version of a fork. At some point during these thirty seconds, this player must say, "But wait, there's more!", then reveal the top Feature card from the deck – say, "inflates in under 6 Minutes" – and incorporate that Feature into their Product. Once all players have pitched their unique version of a fork, everyone votes simultaneously for which pitches they liked the best. The top vote-getter after three rounds wins the game!

With six or more people, play in teams, with the first player on a team starting the pitch with one of their Feature cards and the second player finishing the pitch with a Feature card of their own, but neither player knows what the other Feature is until they are revealed!

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